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Do you know anyone searching for the perfect Christmas gift for their kids? Give them a code for 40% off accessories when purchasing a new SpaceJump!
After your friend checks out, we'll give you $20 cash to spend on NZ’s favourite brands, including Countdown, Mitre10, Farmers, Dominoes and many others. What’s more, you can do this multiple times to stack up some serious cash!

Amazing! How do I refer Someone?

Read the three easy steps below. Tell your friends all about your SpaceJump, send them their discount code for 40% off accessories for their trampoline purchase. When they redeem it, you'll get rewarded with $20 cash. Everyone wins!

1. Copy this code


2. Send it to your friends

3. You Receive $20 Upon Checkout!

A Few Rules..

  • Your friend must add your name in the 'referred by' box in the post purchase confirmation page (see below.)

  • Referral rewards are only available for purchases made from 21/10/22 onwards. We really appreciate past referrals, unfortunately we can not back-date this promotion.
  • Referral cash may take up to 5 days to be processed and will arrive to you by email. 
  • Referral cash is provided in the form of a $20.00 e-gift voucher redeemable at certain New Zealand's stores. 
  • This is valid for a limited time only. Terms and Conditions apply.

Refer a friend campaign promotion starts 21.10.22 and lasts for a limited time only. Pre-dated referrals or purchases unfortunately are not qualify for the campaign. The promotion is valid for all customers in New Zealand only. $20.00 "cash" in the form of a e-gift voucher (provided digitally by giftpay.co.nz on email) can be redeemed at certain stores online and instore. Please visit giftpay.co.nz to read their terms and conditions and to understand where the "cash" can be spent. A mobile phone and/or printer will be required to redeem the voucher. The customer buying is deemed the "referree" or "customer B" where as the referrer or person who makes the recommendation is deemed the "referrer" or "customer A".  The referral campaign is deemed eligible only when a new purchase of a trampoline is actioned by the "referree" (customer B) and places the "referrer" (customer A) full name into the designated referal box post purchase AND SpaceJump is able to match the name against a pre-existing spacejump customer. Processing of the $20.00 egift voucher may take up to 5 working days to process and will be emailed directly to the "referrer" (customer A). SpaceJump reserves the right to decided if entries are deemed eligible. Multiple entries from one referrer are acceptable however the referrer cannot refer themselves.  


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